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Hi, my name is Mitja Antila and I'm the owner and creator of this site. I created this site to showcase my skills and use it as a portfolio for my future employers. I'm currently in the process of becoming a software engineer, and I'm very passionate about technology and the possibilities it can provide.

I have experience in using and implementing cloud service resources, as exemplified by this website. I also practice 3D modeling and own a 3D printer, using it for various projects.

I have reacently started doing different projects on SBC (Single Board Computer) and I am planning to publish those here at some point.

I have a broad knowledge of networking and cyber security from my studies and home lab experiments. My most proficient programming languages are C# and JavaScript, with moderate skills in Python and Java. As you can see from this website, CSS is not my strongest skill, but I'm continuously learning and improving.

In my free time, I enjoy doing different types of projects like all sorts of home automation and cycling, cycling is the best!